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Camaro Mass Air Sensor, Jet Performance, 3.6L, 2012-201

  • Improves Horsepower, Torque And Mileage
  • Works With Upgrades Like Cold Air Intakes And Free Flow Exhausts
  • Increases Of 45% In Air Flow
  • Used With 3.6L Engine

The JET Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor delivers improved horsepower, torque and mileage from your car by simply replacing the restrictive stock mass air sensor

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Compatible with other aftermarket upgrades such as computer upgrades, cold air intakes, TBI spacers, free flow exhaust systems, etc. /p

The factory sensor not only is a major restrictive point in stock intake systems, but it also limits the full potential of aftermarket cold air intake systems

The flow bench tested design of the JET Mass Air Sensor provides airflow increases of up to 45 and installs in 10 minutes or less