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Mercoid Da-37-2-5Ns, Series Da-7035N Temperature Switch

Mercoid, DA-37-2-5NS, Series DA-7035N Temperature Switch, 9-51 NC, SPST, 100-200 F Series DA-7035N Temperature Switch, Mercury Switch Tilt Type, DA 36 with Back Connection, 9-51 NC, SPST, 100-200 °F Series DA-7035N Temperature Switches include the same time-proven switching mechanism used in our Series DA Pressure Switches

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Bourdon tube assures high sensitivity and long life

Features Adjustable deadband Snap action switch standard Inert gas activated Bourdon tube No cross ambient temperature effects No bulb elevation correction required Visible dial calibrated in both 176 F and 176 C Visible on/off indication

Fully adjustable deadband makes units suitable for a wide range of control applications

Visible, calibrated dial and external adjustments make changing set points simple and fast