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24-Door Cell Phone Storage Locker With Master Keyed Locks

Includes card and clear plastic cardholder

USD 1381.48

In stock

Installation Instructions

All usable openings

Card holder 2 in

Compartments depth 8 in.

D x 42 in

Durable powder coated gold finish

Front access panel swings on a continuous hinge




H 80 lbs.

ISO 9001 2008 certified

Ideal for use in health clubs, government facilities, office buildings, schools and other settings where small personal items need to be stored safely and securely

Larger B doors 13 in

Lockers with twenty A doors out of nineteen are usable and four B doors

Made from heavy duty aluminum

Master keyed locks with three keys and allow access to all compartments with a master control key

Mounting hardware not included

One compartment with panel lock

Overall 30.5 in

Seven tiers storage unit

Standard A doors 6.5 in

Surface mounted

Units accommodate cell phones, keys, wallets, cameras, tablet PC's and other valuable items

W x 0.63 in

W x 5.25 in

W x 5.25 in

W x 9.25 in