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Drucker Diagnostics 00-076-009-001, Apex 6 Dash Centrifuge For Pst/Sst

Features: DASH Apex is the only line of centrifuges engineered in close partnership with BD specifically for the 3-minute BD Vacutainer® Barricor™ cycle

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3 easily selectable pre-set cycles default or custom conveniently labeled for your lab rsquo s most common tubes

An LED light indicates the current setting

Can be restricted to a single setting for error-free reproducibility

Lid lighting indicates the centrifuge rsquo s status ready, running, done , keeping your efficiency up and your TAT down patent pending

Rotor and tube holders are made from advanced composite materials for high strength and durability Cool Operations Unique design of the motor housing and rotation chamber allows for cool operation even under the heaviest workloads 2-Stage Horizontal Rotor Included Patented swing-out horizontal rotor design incorporates a unique test tube holder that produces the ideal horizontally spearated samples

The lid lights continue flashing after the audible end of cycle alert has sounded, ensuring that tubes are not forgotten in the centrifuge

When used with the Drucker DASH Approach to centrifugation, the DASH Apex cuts your turnaround time TAT by up to 20 minutes