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Brandtech 704774, Transferpette-S D-100, Adjustable Volume Pipette

BrandTech, 704774, Transferpette-S D-100, 10-100uL Single Channel Adjustable Volume Pipette The perfect manual pipette for demanding laboratory applications for scientists who prefer a traditional control layout The new benchmark The Transferpette S pipettes were benchmarked against all of the leading instruments, incorporating the best features of each, to achieve an exceptional standard of comfort in a traditional design

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Features Centralized pipetting button with optimized stroke length True one-handed operation Brake to help protect against accidental volume changes Always visible four-digit volume display Completely and repeatedly autoclavable at 121 deg C/250 deg F 20 minutes

The Transferpette S offers robust yet lightweight construction, superior autoclavability, simple one-handed operation, high degree of accuracy and precision, and Easy Calibration trade technology for long lasting reliability