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Mahr Federal 2051670, Edi-300P Marameter Indicating Snap Gage, 127 - 152.4 Mm

Mahr, EDI-300P Marameter Indicating Snap Gage, Application Range 127 - 152.4 mm Features: Patented "Channel Lock" design assures precise parallel anvil surfaces throughout the full 25 mm / 1" range of adjustment All Series 300P snap gages are fully adjustable with positive position locking at any point within the rang 0.50 mm / 0.020" movement of sensitive contact Snap gages available over a wide range of sizes, styles, and readout configurations Large 15.5 mm / 0.61" square tungsten carbide anvils provide flat, parallel, working surfaces that ensure lasting precision that lasts Indicator can be rotated to read from front or rear of the gage All adjustments accomplished using a single hex wrench (furnished)

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