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Barlow Tyrie Equinox Stainless Steel And Teak 59"L Rectangular Dining Table

The beautiful versatility of this six person table can be used to add style to indoor and outdoor settings

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The loveliness of this table is matched in looks only by the quality of the materials with which it is made

Add a this table to your outdoor or indoor area today!The teak used is top grade plantation grown teak sourced from Indonesia

Add this heavenly lounge to your backyard or patio collection today.Materials Plantation teak, stainless steelTeak is the ultimate in value when it comes to outdoor furniture due to its natural resistance to water and its beautifully dense grain

Additionally, no stainless steel products should be purchased for use in closed in chlorine environments.Whilst 316 grade steel is highly resistant to corrosion some maintenance should be expected for the sake of preserving the finish

Both grades are strong, sturdy, and reliable in rough outdoor environments.It is worth noting that, though 316 Grade steel is about as durable as it can be, in extreme humidity products and hardware may require more frequent cleaning and maintenance

By using the same steel that is used in harsh coastal regions Barlow Tyrie has created a product guaranteed to last

It also allows this piece to adjust and fit into the taste of any homeowner

Making the Barlow Tyrie Aluminum Sun Lounge the strong enough to stand up to the powers of Apollo and comfortable enough for you to feel like a goddess

The course silica that is innately found in teak creates an impenetrable layer of protection against wrapping, swelling, fungus, decay, and any other type of tarnish the elements may musterThe two grades of steel used are 316 Grade which is known as marine grade due to its durability in harsh climates and coastal regions because of its resistance to oxidation and 304 Grade which is more commonly used for garden furniture

The fine craftsmanship and quality material that is used to create this wonderfully space efficient piece is matched only by the chair s resistance to wear and tear

The versatility of this table does not simply end with its indoor/outdoor usability, but also with the materials that it is made out of, as it is available in ceramic and high pressure laminate which adds unique weather resistant options without sacrificing fashion

To do this we recommend using Barlow Tyrie Stainless Steel Clean and Guard which both cleans and leaves a layer of Teflon on the surface to diminish the buildup of debris and contaminants

Barlow Tyrie also adheres the teak with fittings made from marine-quality solid brass or stainless steel known for its use in coastal environments due to its durability in harsh conditions