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5-Pc Bedrock Fire Pit Set In Light Gray

Includes fire fit and four club chairs

USD 738.01

In stock

Assembly required

Club chair 26.50 in

Club chiar seat 20.75 in

D x 15 in

D x 23.80 in

D x 30 in

Fire Pit 32.20 in

Give your outdoor evening gatherings a passionate, romantic new flair with the luxury of your very own outdoor fire pit and weather-resistant, cushioned wicker club chairs to go along with it




Hand crafted details

Lose yourself before the captivating light it provides it will keep you and yours warm long into the night.

Made from polypropylene wicker, water-resistant fabric, lightweight concrete and steel

W x 19.25 in

W x 26 in

W x 32.20 in

Warranty 90 days against manufacturing defects

Weight 119.06 lbs.

With a discreetly-reserved interior tank, this central piece does away with the necessity of messy kindling and dangerous stoking, allowing your family to enjoy the beauty of a roaring fire year-round and without hassle