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5-Pc Bathroom Vanity Set In Gray And Carrara White Marble

Includes one double vanity, one marble counter top, one marble backsplash and two pre-attached under mounted oval sinks

USD 1595.77

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Backsplash 73 in

CONTEMPORARY AND TRANSITIONAL Incorporate a classic vanity in your bathroom with a modern twist

Counter top 73 in

D x 0.75 in

D x 35.5 in

D x 4 in

D x 40 in

D x 6.5 in

EASY PLUMBING ACCESS Cut down the stress and hassle of installing your vanity with this pre-cutback which allows easy access for your plumbing.

Faucet not included

From bold, clean lines to a refined Carrara white marble top, this vanity will transform your bathroom into a masterpiece





H 145.5 lbs.

Hand-crafted details

ITALIAN CARRARA WHITE MARBLE TOP This vanity comes with an Italian Carrara white marble top which is one inch wider than the base

It is arranged with four broad drawers at the center of the vanity, and one drawer under each cabinet space

Made from p2 plywood and marble

No assembly required

Open back for plumbing

Our vanity blends a perfect balance of the ornate traditional style with the simplicity of contemporary design.72 VANITY WITH CABINET STORAGE This double vanity does not come with a top, which is perfect for those who love to personalize their furniture

Overall vanity and counter top 73 in

Please check dimensions for further details

Pre-drilled holes for standard 8 in

Redecorate your bathroom with our inclusive vanity that does not forfeit design for functionality

Sink 15.19 in

Six soft-closing drawers

The length of this piece provides generous room for your sinks and extra counter space, as well as two soft-close, double-door cabinets on either side of the vanity

The shape, color, and density of the veining are natural to stone countertops and will vary from slab to slab

These are adorned with polished, black aluminum knobs and handles that add a humble finish to your bathroom centerpiece

These soft close drawers, with a self-closing function, are ideal for your bathroom as they prevent any slamming noises and also protect your childrens fingers from getting caught inside

This top includes a backsplash, two under mount porcelain sinks, and cut-outs for faucets of your choice faucets are not included .6 SOFT CLOSE DRAWERS This vanity includes six useable drawers for effortless storage

Two soft-closing cabinets

Vanity 72.25 in

W x 0.75 in

W x 12.19 in

W x 21.75 in

W x 22 in

W x 22 in

Warranty 90 days against manufacturing defects

With its six drawers, two cabinets, and two porcelain sinks, this vanity is perfect for maximizing storage and preparing your morning routine so you dont have to fight over who gets to use the restroom first

Widespread center faucet