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Dwyer Va23433, Series Va Variable Area Glass Flowmeter

Variable area glass flowmeter SS float, max

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Accurately measure flow rates of air, water, and other commonly used gases with the Series VA Variable Area Glass Flowmeters

Correlation data for other gases and liquids are available

Flowmeters are designed with an easy-to-read universal mm scale and supplied with a correlation chart containing calibration data for air and water

Flowmeters are shipped completely assembled and ready for panel mounting

Glass flowmeters are suitable for metering carrier gases, liquid and gas measurement in pilot plants, laboratories, process flow and level indicating

High precision metering valves with non-rising stems sold separately are available for high sensitivity control and resolution - particularly suited for very low flow rates

Permanently fused ceramic scale with vertical locator line reduces parallax and eye fatigue

Thick polycarbonate front shield protects tube from breakage and also serves as a magnifying lens to enhance reading resolution

Units are equipped with a standard 6-turn needle valve for flow rate control

Use an optional acrylic tripod base to convert to self-standing bench mounting.

Flow rate 4.9 SCFH 2313 ml/min air 0.848 GPH 54 ml/min water